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Your guide to captivating rope bondage

To feel their freedom of movement captivated by binding rope is a fantasy shared by many. The eroticism to bind or be bound is hard to beat. The omission act begets a sense of intimacy and you get to know yourself in a new way. Let the stimulation of the ropes overwhelm you both physically and mentally. In this article, you will learn the basics for a captivating and safe rope bondage. 

What is rope bondage?

Rope bondage is as the name suggests, a practice where you bind a person with a rope. The thrill, which is delightful, is all bout restraint, submission and temporary transfer of control and power. Rope bondage should not be confused with sadomasochism although it can be a part of it. There are many lovely versions of rope bondage, just choose whatever you fancy. For those drawn to the aesthetic, Shibari is a must, with its meticulous erotic placements. Soft bondage is another popular version that often only involves binding of the hands. When it comes to role-playing games (with consent) about sex without consent, speed rope bondage is interesting. Suspension on the other hand, plays with the contrast between freedom feeling of floating and the limitation of being tied. 

Expose yourself safely

To expose yourself to someone else can be thrilling but it requires safety and security. Talk to your sex partner about how you imagine it. Which bondage activities makes you shiver with horniness and which are no-go? If you have never been bound or tied someone it can be difficult to know how you will react in real life. It is therefore very important to make sure during the act. That leads us to the so-called safety signal that ends the game. If the bondage includes a role-playing game where it ignores wills you should choose a word or signal that clearly shows that you want to stop, take a break or slow down. The whole point is making you both have an enjoyable game with ropes so be gentle with you, your partner and the rope. 

Back to basics

Rope bondage is not only to learn knots (although it obviously helps). There are no basics for rope bondage. First of all, does the person that is going to be bound have any psychical problems or slept on his/hers arm during the night?  Adjust the binding based on what may be uncomfortable for the one being bound. When it comes to the ropes, there should always be a space for at least two fingers from the skin. Nerves and circulation may be affected if the ropes too tight. A wonderful trick is to spread out the pressure from the ropes; why only bind the ankles when the knees and thighs are so close? Just be sure to keep away from the neck; breathing is something we all enjoy. Take everything slowly and above all have fun with ropes.



Is an extreme sports enthusiast who is always looking for the next adrenaline rush - when he is not looking for adventure, he freelances as a writer for Vuxen Magazine.