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Striptease - how to succeed in this noble art

Striptease can range from quite vulgar in the best and sexiest sense, to fun, sensual and quite innocent. Striptease has a long tradition and exists in various forms in several countries and cultures. Basic is that you as the stripper is the one in control of the situation. The whole point of striptease is that you decide what you want to show off your body and what you want to allude to while you slowly and often teasingly remove clothes to the tune of seductive music.

Right striptease for the right occasion

What is the purpose of your striptease? Is it a private act between four eyes in which you just know you are going to have sex afterwards or a fun and playful but quite innocent thing at a party with many spectators? How you design your striptease depends on the situation. Customize your moves and the degree of sexiness based on the occasion. Maybe you do your striptease as a form of training with your own stripper pole without someone watching.

Striptease is communication

If you strip for your partner or anyone else you want to flirt or have sex with, remember that there is two of you. He (or she) might just be sitting and watching, but it's the interaction with you that is important. Watch and react to how he reacts to you. Maintain eye contact, drop a garment on his knee - touch him along to the music and let him help you with for example unhooking your bra or pulling down a garter. If you have high boots, he might want to kiss them...

Be well prepared

Striptease is a form of dance you are performing to music. Carefully select a good soundtrack and make sure you like the song / songs. Slow songs with a clear beat fit the purpose. Make sure to keep an eye on the room where you intend to perform a striptease so that you can move comfortably in it and may use for example a chair, a clothes hanger or a nice carpet in the room. What you wear is of course important. It should preferably be clothing in several layers so that you can prolong the striptease. Sexy lingerie is obviously fundamental to a good striptease.

Have fun and like yourself

Don't think about you doing a performance - think about having sex and having fun! Striptease is not a serious thing, but sensual, sexy and above all fun! You are awesome to do this and it is guaranteed to be appreciated even if you are not a pro with a perfect body. Dim the lights if you are a bit shy. Striptease do well in the glow of a few candles. Have a drink as part of the show and mix one for the viewer. It can also be stylish and sensual to music and be a part of your striptease.

Dare to do the unexpected

Think outside the box - it is perfectly possible to strip barefoot in a men's shirt, slowly unbuttoning. It is often the unexpected that will be the most sexy and memorable. Tie your spectator's hands with one of the silk stockings you slowly already taken off. Find inspiration from the burlesque tradition which is both sexy, playful and humorous. A striptease need not be as elaborate and sophisticated - it may be a few well-rehearsed movements where you change into something "more comfortable" facing your partner. If you have long hair - take advantage of it to hide and reveal your neck and your breasts.