Remote controlled sextoys - eggs and vibrating panties

11 Product(s)
  1. Love to Love
    Gold Cry Baby Limited Edition
    Length 8cm
    Diameter 3.2cm
  2. Love to Love
    Cry Baby Limited Manara Edition
    Length 8cm
    Diameter 3cm
  3. Love to Love
    Cry Baby 2
    Length 8cm
    Diameter 3.2cm
  4. Marc Dorcel
  5. Marc Dorcel
  6. Lelo
    Lelo Lyla 2 Design Edition
    Available in multiple colors!  
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Imagine what fun you can have with remote controlled sex toys. Let her take on a pair of vibrating panties or inserting a vibrating egg when you are going to a restaurant or dinner with mother in law, she dares to let his partner have control of the remote control during the night ?. Will you be able to control yourself until you get home or it will there be some spontaneous sex in the bathroom?