sexdolls and inflateable dolls

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  1. Swedens Finest
  2. Swedens Finest
  3. Swedens Finest
  4. Swedens Finest
  5. Swedens Finest
  6. Swedens Finest
  7. NMC
  8. Topco
  9. You2Toys
  10. You2Toys
    Love Doll Jill
  11. You2Toys
    Kinky Jessica
  12. Pipedream
    Hannah Harper Fantasy Love Doll
    Length Life-size
  13. NMC
  14. NMC
    Chest Choker Sexdoll
    Length ca 160cm
  15. Pipedream
    Varsity Vicky Life-Size Love Doll
    Length Life-size
  16. Pipedream
    Maria Sin Latin Sexdoll
    Length Life-size
  17. Pipedream
    Katie Cougar Doll
    Length Life-size
  18. Pipedream
    Big Beautiful Becky Plus-Size Love Doll
    Length Life-size
  19. Pipedream
    Kneeling Nikki Doggie Style Love Doll
    Length Life-size
  20. Pipedream
    BJ Betty Oralsex Doll
    Length Life-size
  21. Pipedream
    Agent 69 Lyxdocka
  22. Topco
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Love doll and sex doll are popular name for this type of sex toys. Sex dolls is one of our very best selling toys for guys. Almost all the dolls have 3 compulsory holes and is inflatable to life size which is about 150cm long. Available from the simplest type with a printed face to luxury dolls with modulated dollface,hands and feet, with nipples, hair and vagina in skinmaterial.