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A penispump from Vuxen gives extra hard erection and pleasure

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  1. Bad Kitty
    Macho Pump
    Length 23 cm
    Diameter 5.5 cm
  2. BathMate
  3. nsnovelties
  4. Evolved
  5. Evolved
    Triple Pleasure Play Pump
    Colour Natural light
  6. Marc Dorcel
    Dorcel Power Pump Pro
    Length 32.5 cm
  7. nsnovelties
  8. nsnovelties
  9. nsnovelties
  10. Pipedream
  11. Pipedream
  12. Be Legendary
  13. BathMate
  14. BathMate
    Bathmate Hydromax X50 Xtreme


    Regular Price: €249.90

  15. nsnovelties
    Renegade Bolero Pump
    Available in multiple colors!  
    Length 23cm
  16. nsnovelties
  17. PumpWorx
    Vibrating Head Trainer
    Length 11cm
    Diameter 7.2cm
  18. PumpWorx
  19. BathMate
  20. Seven Creations
    Auto Pump
  21. PumpWorx
    Pump Worx Beginners Pussy Pump
    Length 17 cm (tub)
    Diameter 5 cm
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The penispump is one of the products destined for the man's sexual pleasure that to many people are surrounded by uncertainties. Despite being one of the most established and reliable products to enhance the man's sexual experiences, there are many who do not know how it works and what it is good for. The penispump serves primarily to provide extended penis and harder erections. It is therefore equally usefull to masturbation as during sexual intercourse with a partner. The design consists of an airtight chamber connected to a pump mechanism which is driven either manually or by electricity. When you insert the penis into the soft sealed chamber and pumps the air resulting vacuum. This causes blood vessels in the penis to be put under less pressure and can be extended. Blood rushes then into the sex, which means that it swells and becomes rigid. When the penis pump is then removed, a pressure built up which makes the penis extra-hard and ready to discover the intense pleasure and 'explosive orgasms.

Erectilehelp or just harder erection

Whether we want to admit it or not, the erection is very important for a man's self-esteem. To feel masculine and attractive is important to be able to both give and receive sexual satisfaction. A strong erection is intimately connected with the man's performance in bed. The penispump has long been a recognized tool for men with erection problems. Whether it is a temporary or long-term situation the pump effectively helps with the erection. It can also be exciting to just get to explore how hard your erect penis can get.The penispump is also ideal for testing  a heightened sense of sexual life. When the penis is pumped up you should use a penisring to make sure the penis stays erect during sex. While some might claim that the penis pump can permanently enlarge the penis over time, it should primarily be regarded as a temporary mean to increase the moment of erection.

Masturbate and experiment with a penispump

Penis pumps can also be used for masturbation. When pumping out the air you will feel a pleasant stimulating suction power on the penis. There are also pumps that are not only designed to give an erection, but also to give the man a very special pleasure. Here at vuxen.se for example, you can find models that are equipped with vibrators to give the shaft of the penis intense pleasure, or using water to make the moments in the bath and shower extra comfortable. To achieve the nicest possible effect, it is a good idea to shave around the shaft of the penis and apply the lubricant on the penis.