Cock rings in traditional and modern shapes

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  1. Fantasy C-Ringz
    Fantasy C-Ringz Infinity Ring
    Colour Purple
  2. Easy Toys
    Vibrating Cock Ring
    Colour Black
  3. Blueline
    Snap Cock Ring
  4. Screaming O
    Screaming O Sport
    Available in multiple colors!  
  5. You2Toys
    OptiGasm Per Due Cockring
    Colour Blue
    Black Velvets Ring & Plug
    Colour Black
    Length Plug: 10 cm
    Insertable Length 8 cm
  7. PerfectFit
    Play Zone Kit
    Colour Black
  8. Rosebuds
    Rosebuds Spex
    Colour Bronze
  9. Sportsheets
  10. nsnovelties
    Firefly Couples Ring
    Available in multiple colors!  
  11. Tickler
    Tickler Buddy Erection Holder
    Available in multiple colors!  
  12. PicoBong
    Remoji Lifeguard Ring
    Available in multiple colors!  
  13. Ooh by Je Joue
    Je Joue Ooh No.3 Cock Ring
    Available in multiple colors!  
  14. nsnovelties
    Jelly Rancher Couples Ring
    Available in multiple colors!  
  15. PerfectFit
  16. You2Toys
    Silicone Ring with Plug
    Colour Black
    Length 24cm
  17. PerfectFit
    Perfect Fit Ribbed Ring
    Available in multiple colors!  
  18. Screaming O
    Screaming O Ringo PRO
    Colour Blue
  19. Screaming O
    Screaming O Ringo 2
    Available in multiple colors!  
  20. Screaming O
    Screaming O Ohare XL
    Available in multiple colors!  
  21. Screaming O
    Screaming O Opium Pleasure Ring
    Available in multiple colors!  
  22. NMC
  23. Screaming O
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Cock rings

Cock rings – One of the most common sex toys for men

Among sex toys for men the penis rings is something that is very common and popular. A cock ring is something that can bring that little extra needed to bring your sex life and its pleasures to a higher level and at the same time be something that provides a variation of the usual traditional sex. The penis ring is usually something that is placed at the base of the penis to prevent a part of the blood flowing out of the penis, so that your erection becomes stronger and that it lasts longer. This is a sex toy available in various designs and can fit both for own games and couplegames, and sometimes in combination with bondage and fetish.

The right choice of penis rings may be what makes your sex life better

As previously described, these are sex toys in many different embodiments. To begin with, there are the traditional penis rings consisting of elastic silicone and placed at the base of the penis for optimal erection and enjoyment. Today's modern penis rings have also taken a step further in the evolution towards a higher satisfaction of sex toys. Among this large range you will find forms of all kinds, where there are vibrating rings and the types that have multiple rings for stronger and more effect. The penis rings can also be something that can be combined with other sex toys. For example, it may be something as simple as sexy lingerie, only it tends to be something special to boost interest and excitement in your sex life.

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