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sextoys for girls and women

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  1. Basix
    BASIX 20cm Svart Dong
    Colour Black
    Length 20cm
    Insertable Length 17cm
    Diameter 5cm
  2. You2Toys
  3. Orion
    Dildo Rogue
    Colour Natural light
    Length 43 cm
    Insertable Length 28 cm
    Diameter 4.6 cm
  4. nsnovelties
    AdoraVibe - Lily
    Length 10cm
    Diameter 3.8cm
  5. L Amourose
    L'Amourose Vera

    Out of stock

    Available in multiple colors!  
    Length 8.5 x 4.9 x 3.5cm
  6. L Amourose
  8. Orion
    Rosy Bunny
    Colour Pink
    Length 20 cm
    Diameter 3.1
    Uprize Vibrating Dildo 6" - Flesh
    Colour Natural light
    Length 15 cm
    Uprize Vibrating Dildo 6" - Purple
    Colour Purple
    Length 15 cm
    Uprize Vibrating Dildo 8" - Flesh
    Colour Natural light
    Uprize Vibrating Dildo 8" - Black
    Colour Black
  13. Rocks-Off
    ROCKS-OFF Aura 10-speed
    Colour Silver
  14. Ooh by Je Joue
  15. You2Toys
    Clit Stimulation deluxe
    Colour Pink
    Length 16.5 cm
  16. Yellooh
    Johan Black - Let Me In Honey
    Colour Black
    Length 16.7cm
    Diameter 3.1cm
  17. Yellooh
    Lucifer - The Devil Inside You
    Colour Black
    Length 24 cm
    Diameter 4.6 cm
  18. Yellooh
    Danny - I Wanna Sex You Up!
    Colour Black
    Length 16.5
    Diameter 3.5
  19. Yellooh
    Eddie - The Thrusting Eagle
    Colour Black
    Length 21.7 cm
    Diameter 3.7 cm
  20. Yellooh
    Dennis - I Love To Get Wet
    Colour Black
    Length 17 cm
    Diameter 3.5 cm
  21. You2Toys
    Vibrating Fingervibe


    Regular Price: €12.90

    Colour Pink
    Length 7.5 cm
    Insertable Length 3.5 cm
  22. Nature Skin
  23. You2Toys
    Master Piece 23cm
    Colour Natural light
    Length 23cm
    Insertable Length 15.5cm
    Diameter 5cm
Set Ascending Direction

Dildos are the most popular sex toys. Dildos are phallus-shaped rods that are used for oral, vaginal and anal penetration. The idea is that dildos will function as the male sexual organs and are excellent for masturbation, but dildos are equally popular to use as a tool in sex. There are dildos of all shapes, colors and texture - some vibrate, some do not, some are soft and some are hard. There are lifelike ones.