Sex toys that vibrates for couples

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  2. Fetish Fantasy Extreme
  3. Fetish Fantasy
    Couples Sex Machine
    Colour White
  6. L Amourose
  7. L Amourose
  8. Love to Love
    Gold Cry Baby Limited Edition
    Length 8cm
    Diameter 3.2cm
  9. Pipedream
    Neon Orgasmo Kit
  10. Hustler
  11. You2Toys
  12. You2Toys
    Intimate Spreader Tight
    Colour Pink
  13. Love to Love
    Cry Baby Limited Manara Edition
    Length 8cm
    Diameter 3cm
  14. Love to Love
    Cry Baby 2
    Length 8cm
    Diameter 3.2cm
    Lelo IDA
    Available in multiple colors!  
  16. Lelo
    Lelo Tara
    Available in multiple colors!  
  17. Marc Dorcel
  18. Marc Dorcel
  19. You2Toys
    Finger Vibrator
    Length 10 cm
  20. Feelz Toys
  21. PowerBullet
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Toys which vibrates which are particularly suitable for use by couples during foreplay and during intercourse. Popular products include finger vibrator, toungevibrator and everything that vibrates on the clitoris during foreplay and sex. For all vibrators see the main category vibrators for girls