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Vuxen Magazine - Your Guide To Better Sex

  1. Sex dolls or masturbators - What Sexdockor eller lösvaginor – What suits you?

    Att investera i en kul sexleksak för att förbättra sin onani är ett enkelt sätt att höja sitt sexuella självmående.

  2. Release the shame - masturbate with sex toys!

    De flesta människor onanerar någon gång då och då, många gör det regelbundet, och vissa gör det dagligen.

  3. 5 Sextips inspired by Game of Thrones

    5 Sextips inspired by Game of Thrones

  4. 5 tips sex experts actually use

    There is a no decided way set in stone on how to have sex

  5. Bondage for lesbians

    We all like different things when it comes to sex. While BDSM is something that the community frowned upon in the past,

  6. Become a real expert on clitoral stimulation

    A clitoris is very sensitive and can be up to five times as sensitive as a male glans,

  7. 10 things he hopes you will say on your date

    Most people are poor at giving each other compliments so why not start the date by giving him a compliment?

  8. Why you should get a toyboy!

    A career woman and a younger man with hormones flowing, and a desire to discover the world is simply a match made in heaven.

  9. 5 tips for having sex in the family home

    Most people probably have a certain nostalgic feeling when they think back to their youth, but living with your parents

  10. 5 tips for the best wedding night sex

    Keep in mind that the wedding and the party afterwards will probably make your day very long.

  11. How to get two female friends to have a threesome with you

    We all have one or more friends that make us feel a bit excited. For most, this will only be just a fantasy,

  12. Phone sex for beginners

    Moaning, panting, breathing heavily, in the same way as when you have sex.

  13. How to tell your man you want to try something kinky in the bedroom

    Our sexual fantasies are among the most private things we have. Even in a secure relationship,

  14. Striptease - how to succeed in this noble art

    Striptease can range from quite vulgar in the best and sexiest sense, to fun, sensual and quite innocent.

  15. 5 Tricks - Keep the sexlife hot even after you are married

    It can be something of a challenge to keep your sex life hot year after year. Many need a strong excitement

  16. 5 kissing tips that will drive her crazy

    Do you want to be a really good kisser? So good that she gets totally wild when she touches your lips?

  17. How to fake an orgasm - he will never find out

    There are both advantages and disadvantages to faking orgasms

  18. Fingering tips for guys

    Fingering properly so that she shudders of pleasure can be a difficult art.

  19. Is she faking? 5 ways to find out

    A fairly large percentage of women fake orgasm occasionally. Our advice is that you should not think too much about it

  20. How to satisfy a woman in bed - 5 things all men need to know

    To satisfy a woman in bed can range from fairly simple to an art that requires ingenuity as well as perseverance

  21. The Mile High Club - How to succeed with sex on an airplane

    The Mile High Club is said to have become a phenomenon 100 years ago and ended unfortunately with a plane crash.

  22. 4 things every woman should learn from pornstars

    There are many things that pornstars do that you definitely don't wanna bring into the bedroom,

  23. An introduction to sex toys for men

    It is said that every woman hides a "rabbit" in the nightstand, but what about the men?

  24. Relationship guide

    Today's society offers a delightful variety of relationships. There is something for everyone's tastes and you just have to

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