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Lubes for analsex, wide rang from Vuxen

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Lubes for analsex

Many who have not tried anal fantasize about it. Others, who integrated this type of sex as part of their sex, appreciate analsex because it opens up to other kinds of pleasure than the other sex. It is always important that both are up for it - if your partner does not want to, you just have to accept it. Anal sex feels a bit taboo, but its good sex for both men and women if it is carried out properly, with anal lube.

Useful tips for analsex

In the rectal canal, there is no natural lubricant, so to make anal sex pleasurable you should use lube made especially for analsex. There are plenty of lubes intended for anal sex and often thicker in consistency than lubricant for vaginal intercourse. Lubricant for anal sex can also be used with sextoys and if you use a condom, which is always a good idea, especially when it comes to anal sex. Anal sex is best with some preparation, like emptying the bowel and wash your vagina and anal opening a moment before. Especially for a beginner, the experience might feel unpleasent if it gets messy, so also to protect against direct contact, condoms is the best solution.

Anal lubricants that covers all needs

If you are a beginner at anal sex, Vuxen has a wide range of lubes for anal sex with a slight numbing effect. These help to make the experience more pleasureable. To ensure hygiene, there are also antibacterial anal lube. As a beginner, it is important to start gently. There are good sex toys that help to increase the experience slowly, so that it is always enjoyable for you. We are all different when it comes to sensitive in this area and there are those who never experience the pain associated with anal sex, but also those who always think it hurts a little. Lubricant for anal sex is definitely the tool that makes the experience more pleasant, no matter what type you are.

Pleasure with analsex

As a woman, you might ask yourself what's the point in having anal sex, when you can have vaginal sex. Around and in the anus there are erogenous zones and this area is very sensitive to touch and gives you a different kind of enjoyment than vaginal intercourse. You then widen your enjoyment possibilities with anal sex using lube for anal sex, and if this is something you think sounds exciting, it can definitely be worth trying. Its the best way to know if it's something for you. Take a look at our anal sex toys and think about what kind of anal stimulation that you want.