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Condoms are the most common and easiest way to protect yourself against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. In contrast to many other contraceptives, the use of condoms doesn't have to be planned, they can be used spontaneously. Safe sex is very important, and when you try new sex games and maybe feel a little insecure, it's nice to know that there are condoms which ensures that the games you play not have negative consequences.

Find your way in a jungle of condoms

Condoms have been around for a long time, because even before the technology had developed latex and soft plastic so we needed the protection of this kind, which allowed us to have sex for pleasure and without taking the consequences of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The materials used back then was not as reliable as what we have today, but the idea was the same. It has happened a lot in condom development and today the range is huge and very wide. It is about different shapes, flavours and colors. It's all about the tricks that prolong the erection and stimulate the vagina, and it is about making use of a condom into a fun thing and not just a duty. It's actually really fun and sexy to use a condom, so don't just take any condom when to buy, take a few minutes to really choose something that suits you.

Something for everyone

Here at Vuxen we are keen to have a large assortment of condoms. We have products both with and without latex to make life easier for people with allergies, and we have models with a penis ring for those who want the erection to last longer. There are condoms in really thin latex which transmits body heat of a feeling as close to the skin as possible, and there are products that are treated with delayserum when you want to have sex a really long time and delay ejaculation. Select models with bumps or ridges if you want to stimulate the vagina a little extra, and if you like oral sex, there are condoms with for example strawberry flavor.

A couple of sex toys for men

There is some confusion about penis pumps, but in essence it is a simple tool for men who want to improve their erection or lengthen the penis. It is also a great toy for masturbation. If you use the penis pump in preparation for sex. it should be used along with penis rings for a permanent position.