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How to satisfy a woman in bed - 5 things all men need to know

To satisfy a woman in bed can range from fairly simple to an art that requires ingenuity as well as perseverance and the right technique. Sure you can give general advice, but the important thing is to be aware of is that not only every woman's anatomy and imagination but every situation is unique. Good sex is to go with the flow and do what feels best and most for both. This Vuxen Magazine article will give you some advice along the way to female satisfaction!

Learn to listen to her signals

All women are different and sexuality is one of the most personal things we have. So there are no tips that work perfectly on all in all positions, but the most important thing for a good sex life is how you communicate. This does not mean that you should talk too much and analyze sex in every single angle. Communication can be more subtle and sexier than long investigative talks about sex. Learn to read the woman you are with and examine precisely what she likes. Do not assume that what worked with other women you've been with will work even with the next partner.

Be at peace with yourself as a lover

If you are driven by performance anxiety and fear of not being good enough as a lover, she will notice it and find it difficult to relax. If you have ended up in the same bed together and taken your clothes off obviously the feeling is right. Take your time, let it be fun and help her to make you feel good and trust that you also have what it takes in terms of fingers, tongue and genitals to give her a wonderful experience.

Play with toys

It has actually never been easier to explore each other's bodies and give each other beautiful orgasms. A set of beautiful toys can raise the temperature to unprecedented heights in the bedroom. Affirm playfulness and new sensations and then head out on a shared journey of discovery. Get into your bed with a laptop and surf around online for inspiration. Talk about how you think a certain toy would feel and order something together and then look forward to receiving it.

Learn to control your ejaculation

Many men can not have penetrative sex long enough for a woman to have time to reach orgasm. It is not always the end of the world with a premature ejaculation, but many women would probably sigh with relief if men became a little more sustainable in bed. Practice makes perfect, it is about learning to understand your own signals and slow down before it is too late, so to speak. There are also plenty of tools that allow men to go on longer before they come.

Spend time on foreplay

A woman who is very excited is easier to satisfy than if the sex is a bit uncommitted. How to make the woman you are with at the moment get more excited, we can only give general advice on. A classic trick that often works is to make the foreplay last longer by paying attention to multiple erogenous zones like earlobes, neck and inner thighs before moving on to the breasts and other more delicate and intimate zones. Can you stimulate several erogenous zones at the same time?